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Stump grinders allow you to whittle down stubborn stumps in minutes.
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Hyundai HYSG150 13hp Petrol 4-Stroke Stump Grinder ((LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER))
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Hyundai HYSG150 13hp Petrol 4-Stroke Stump Grinder ((LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER))

The HYSG150 is an extremely powerful stump grinder from Hyundai, powered by a 389 cc / 13hp 4 stroke Hyundai engine the HYSG150 is capable of removing the toughest and most awkward tree stumps efficiently and safely.

Weighing 100kg, the HYSG150 is easy to maneuver due to its large adjustable handle bars and heavy duty pneumatic tyres that keeps the machine elevated over wood chips during operation.

Built to make tough tree stump clearing faster and less demanding the HYSG150 can remove any sized tree stump of any diameter that are up to 30cm high (above ground) down to 33cm below ground. Fitted with a disk lever hand brake that locks one wheel into place allows a pivot point for a sweeping cut motion, the wheel brake and engine throttle are controlled directly from the handlebars for maximum comfort and control.

Suitable for professional garden maintenance and DIY enthusiasts the HYSG150 ensures you will never struggle with back breaking and time consuming stump removal again like digging by hand, tractor pulling, burning or chemicals.

The 12 replaceable teeth, tipped with mining-grade tungsten carbide which is 10 times harder than steel can pulverise any type of wood into wood chips within seconds. Housed within a protective directional steel shroud that shows exactly where the cutting teeth are making contact protects the user from thrown debris at all times.

With low service and maintenance requirements, the HYSG150 is incredibly user-friendly, and has full Hyundai UK parts back up.
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