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Petzl Harnesses.
The direct interface between a person and the safety system, Petzl harnesses are designed to allow the user to move about the work place with maximum, comfort and productivity.
When choosing the Petzl harness which is best suited to the demands of a particular task it is useful to determine whether it will be used for work positioning or fall arrest.
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Petzl Sequoia ARB Climbing Harnesses including SRT
code: LY-C690F
Petzl Sequoia ARB Climbing Harnesses including SRT
Petzl Sequoia Size 1 £283.59£220.00
Petzl Sequoia Size 2 £283.59£220.00
Petzl Sequoia SRT Size 1 £311.96£239.99
Petzl Sequoia SRT Size 2 £311.96£239.99
Sliding Ring S (Aluminium) £9.92£7.99

The SEQUIOA SRT saddle is designed to be used for both traditional as well as for single rope climbing techniques. This saddle includes a waist connection point at the front of the saddles as well as a shoulder strap connection point at the rear of the saddle to accommodate a CROLL + SECUR + DELTA chest ascender assembly. The waist connection point can also be used to connect a descent control device. 

  • Attachment point for chest ascender strap
  • Twin-webbing construction technology
  • Suspension bridges available in 25, 30 & 35
  • Angled side D-rings for easy access
  • Height–adjustment strap for gated rings
  • Rings that open for quick bridge alterations
  • FAST quick connect buckles at waist and legs
  • Wide leg straps contact surface area


  • The wide waist belt and leg straps of the new SEQUOIA arborist saddles are designed to provide comfort, support and ventilation for long days of extended periods of hanging in trees. The twin webbing construction of the waist belt includes stiffeners, perforated padding and mesh fabric that offers a impressive balance between excellent support and breathability. It’s narrowing side design reduces rib constraint. The waist belt contoured lateral attachment points are positioned for easy access.
  • Rugged yet lightweight materials and construction provide excellent durability at 1.37 Kg in weight.
  • Gated positioning Rings can be opened to allow for easy replacement of suspension bridges, insertions of swivels and triangulation adjustment of these rings.
  • Waist belt comes with a multitude of tool attachment points: 5 gear loops, two side plastic rings to attach hand saws, 7 webbing slots to accept 4 small and 3 large CARITOOL tool holders.
code: LY-C73JFA
PETZL Newton Easyfit Harness Size 0£145.00
PETZL Newton Easyfit Harness Size 1£119.60
PETZL Newton Easyfit Harness Size 2£100.00

Detailed description

    Rapid donning thanks to the EASYFIT design:
    - vest ensures the harness keeps its shape
    - FAST automatic buckles (sternal and leg loop) allow the harness to be easily donned with both feet on the    ground. These buckles retain their adjustment settings between donnings.
    Comfortable throughout the work day:
    - anatomical design is close-fitting, while giving optimal freedom of movement
    - lightweight, breathable construction
    - slots on the shoulder straps allow installation of a LIFT spreader for descending in an upright position
    Easy to use:
    - shoulder straps equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment
    - equipment loops and slots for TOOLBAG tool pouch allows easy organization of work tools


    Sternal attachment point: fall arrest system attachment
    Dorsal attachment point: fall arrest system attachment
    Certification(s): CE EN 361, EAC
    Material(s): nylon, polyester, aluminum, steel

SKUs                         C73JFA 0       C73JFA 1     C73JFA 2
Color(s)                   black/yellow   black/yellow  black/yellow
Size                               0                 1                 2
Waist belt                  65-80 cm      70-93 cm     83-120 cm
Leg loops                   44-59 cm      47-62 cm     50-65 cm
Stature                   160-180 cm   165-185 cm  175-200 cm
Weight                        1240 g        1300 g         1350 g
Guarantee                   3 years        3 years         3 years

Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness
code: LY-C79AFA
Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness
Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness Size 0 £171.00£136.80
Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness Size 1 £171.00£136.80
Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness Size 2 £171.00£136.80

Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness

AVAO SIT FAST (C79AFA): leg loops equipped with FAST automatic buckles for quick and easy opening and closing without the need to readjust them, even while wearing gloves

  • Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. They are contoured and lined with breathable perforated foam for maximum comfort when suspended
  • Waistbelt equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment
  • A ventral attachment point that distributes the load between the waistbelt and the leg loops during suspended work
  • Two lateral attachment points transfer the load to the waistbelt for comfort when working with feet supported. They can be flipped back against the waistbelt when snagging is an issue
  • The rear attachment point on the waistbelt allows connection of a restraint lanyard, or a TOP CROLL (new or old version) to make the harness into a rope access harness
  • Five pre-shaped equipment loops with protective sheath
  • Slots for CARITOOL tool holder
  • Slots for TOOLBAG tool pouch
  • Certification: CE EN 358, CE EN 813

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