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Petzl Voltige Adjustable chest harness
code: LY-C60
Petzl Voltige Adjustable chest harness

Adjustable chest harness

A chest harness helps keep the climber upright while hanging. For use only with a seat harness.

    Two DoubleBack adjustment buckles
    Rear cross-over allows webbing straps to be correctly positioned
    Adaptable height tie-in point: reversible design allows buckles to be positioned on the shoulders or under the arms

More info

    Technical notice (multilanguages) [PDF - 253.85 KB]
    Tips for protecting your equipment [PDF - 13.06 MB]

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Material(s) : high-strength polyester webbing
Certification(s) : CE, EN 12277 type D, UIAA 105

Color(s) : black
Reference : C60
- Size : One-size-fits-all
- Weight : 280 g
Made in : RO
Guarantee : 3 years

Petzl Secur
code: LY-C74
Petzl Secur

Intended to correctly position and support the CROLL.

  • Constructed in polyamide: lightweight and adjustable
  • Attaches to the rear fixing point of the harness by a simple lark's foot knot
  • Weight: 120 g
Petzl Twister
code: LY-L51
Petzl Twister

For work positioning, creates a mobile chest attachment point. 

  • Fixes to the side attachment points of the NAVAHO BOSS and NAVAHO MINIBOSS harnesses.
  • Supplied with 2 maillons
  • Flat stitched webbing; highly resistant to abrasion and to ageing

 Technical specifications:

  • Size: 57 cm
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Certified CE EN 354.
New Stein Harness Bag ((LIMITED OFFER))
code: FS-SS-1B1355
New Stein Harness Bag ((LIMITED OFFER))

Stein Harness Bag

For safe storage of a lanyard or throwline on your harness

Petzl Tube Protection
code: LY-C37-SAP
Petzl Tube Protection

Protective tubing for sternal extender

• Installed on sternal extender, held in place by the descender carabiner
• Protects sternal extender from possible rope abrasion during rappel

• 15 g

Reference: C37 SAP

Petzl Anneau Vrille
code: LY-C40V-60N
Petzl Anneau Vrille

Twisted loop for carrying loads on harness

• Installed with a lark’s head knot to the webbing linking the leg loops of the NEWTON FAST SAP harness
• Allows 60 kg loads to be carried during rappel insertions

• 55 g

• CE EN 795 B, EN 566

Reference: C40V 60N

Petzl Jak Jacket
code: LY-C73101
Petzl Jak Jacket
Jak Jacket Size 1 £33.00£29.00
Jak Jacket Size 2 £33.00£29.00

Jak is designed to make the Newton harness easy to put on with a minimum of training. The harness threads through the Jak so that it is donned like a piece of clothing.

Petzl Pad Fast Belt
code: LY-C89
Petzl Pad Fast Belt
Petzl Pad Fast Belt Size 1 £68.49£61.64
Petzl Pad Fast Belt Size 2 £68.49£61.64

Work positioning waistbelt for NEWTON harness

  • Transforms the basic fall arrest harness into a work positioning and fall arrest harness
  • Comfortable for work positioning with the feet supported against a surface
  • Two lateral attachment points
  • FAST automatic buckle for easy and quick opening and closing without the need to readjust
  • Available in three sizes




  • Size 1 - Waist 75-105cm
  • Size 2 - Waist 95-120cm
  • Conformity: EN358


Petzl KANO  Versatile tactical belt C95
code: LY-C95
Petzl KANO Versatile tactical belt C95
Size 1£180.00
Size 2£180.00

The KANO is a tactical belt for special forces. It can be used to carry tactical equipment and to secure the wearer. The belt has integrated leg loops for occasional rappels. During regular use, these leg loops are concealed inside the belt.

Detailed description

  • Belt lined with breathable perforated foam
  • Anti-slip patch keeps belt in position
  • FAST automatic buckle for quick and easy donning without loss of adjustment
  • Equipment strap can be opened to add items to the belt (weapon, ammo pouch, knife). It is compartmentalized for organizing equipment.
  • This strap has an integrated holster guide for Serflex handcuffs
  • Textile pockets inside the belt for storing ear plugs
  • Two lateral textile attachment points for securing oneself aboard an aircraft, or on a roof (restraint system)
  • Two textile attachment points, high and low on rear of belt, for connecting a restraint lanyard and/or chest harness for rappelling with a load, or for SPIE extraction
  • Leg loops concealed inside waistbelt allow for occasional rappels. The descender connects to the two-part ventral attachment point.
  • Leg loops equipped with self-locking DoubleBack buckles


  • Certification(s): CE EN 358
  • References     C95 1     C95 2
  • Size     1     2
  • Weight     760 g     860 g
  • Waist belt     83-108 cm     90-122 cm
  • Guarantee     3 years     3 years
  • Packing     1     1
Petzl Sternal Extender
code: LY-L37-27N
Petzl Sternal Extender

Sternal extender for rappelling

• Installed with a lark’s head knot on a DELTA n° 8 maillon
• Moves the descender connection outside the bullet-proof vest
• Has protection against rope abrasion

• 30 g

• CE EN 354, EN 566

Reference: L37 27N

Petzl Lift Spacer
code: LY-L54
Petzl Lift Spacer

Spreader for NEWTON harness allows upright descent (for confined spaces)

  • Triangular carabiners for easier insertion into harness slots
  • Rigid structure keeps its shape around the head
  • Reference: L54
  • Weight: 520 g
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Made: FR
Petzl Delta with Bar
code: LY-PP11 8B
Petzl Delta with Bar
Mallon Rapide With Bar £7.50£7.00
Mallon Rapide With Bar (BLACK) £9.50£9.00

Triangular steel quick link

Maillon Rapide with Bar 

  • When closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring


  • Major axis strength : 25 kN
  • Minor axis strength : 10 kN
  • Open gate strength : - kN
  • Certification : CE EN 362 type Q
  • Made in : FR
  • Guarantee : 3 years
Petzl Top C81000 1 ((SELL OFF SPECIAL))
code: LY-C81000 1
Petzl Top C81000 1 ((SELL OFF SPECIAL))

Petzl Top

Chest harness with sternal attachment point.  For use with Aveo Sit, Falcon, Falcon ascent, Sequoia SRT & Navaho range.

One size.

EN361 (with sit harness)

(NEW FOR FEB 2014) Petzl SHOULDER STRAPS for Sequoia SRT
code: LY-C69B
(NEW FOR FEB 2014) Petzl SHOULDER STRAPS for Sequoia SRT

Shoulder strap for SEQUOIA SRT arborist seat harness designed for taking the load from the waistbelt and redistributing it to the shoulders for improved comfort. This strap connects to the ventral attachment point of the harness and to the two retainers at the rear of the waistbelt.

Takes up the load on the waistbelt to better distribute it over the shoulders

Shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing

Connects to the ventral attachment point of the SEQUOIA SRT harness and to the two retainers at the rear of the waistbelt

DoubleBack self-locking buckle for quick, easy adjustment

New for 2014

Petzl Pad Sap Belt
code: LY-C89-SAP
Petzl Pad Sap Belt

Positioning waistbelt

• Fastens with automatic locking carabiner that is easily manipulated with gloves
• Waistbelt equipped with DoubleBack adjustment buckles and slots for adapting to different shapes
• Lateral attachment points for connection to safety line from helicopter with GRILLON adjustable lanyard
• Waistbelt lined with breathable foam for greater comfort

• Size: 80 to 150 cm
• 585 g

• CE EN 358

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