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Kong is a reputable Italian manufacturer established in 1830 offering a range of Karabiners, Ascenders, Descenders, Pulleys and accessories.
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Camp Oval Screw Gate Karibiner
code: SA-1079
Camp Oval Screw Gate Karibiner

Oval screw alu- carabiner with betlock system
kN 20/7/6, CEEN 362, 12275.

Treehog TH1035 Tool Carrier
code: FT-TH1035
Treehog TH1035 Tool Carrier

Product Description

The TH1035 enable you to increase the number of useful gear and tool attachment points on your the climbing harness.

Made from durable plastic with a steel wire sprung retaining clip, the TH1035 can be inserted into the webbing loops of our TH5000 and TH7000 harnesses.
When in place, the tool carrier is an ideal place to hang your saw, and the sprung gate connects with the barbed tang on the carrier to ensure it won’t come open when under pressure.

Please note: The TH1035 is designed as a tool carrier only. It is not testes to any breaking strain and I not classed as an item of PPE
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THK006 HMS Karabiner
code: FT-THK006
THK006 HMS Karabiner


Product Description

Triple locking action karabiner certified to EN362B.

The THK006 is and HMS or pear shaped karabiner, with a large top section for knots and hitches (the term “HMS” comes from the German word Halbmastwurfsicherung, for a half clove hitch) and a smaller well rounded basket for self-centralising.

Being slightly asymmetrical on the longitudinal axis, the THK006 has a good strength to weight ratio and fits comfortably in the hand.

The triple locking gate is both safe, yet easily operated, and will not snag on ropes thanks to the key-lock nose design, and the gate opens to a full 23mm.

Each karabiner is both batch and serial numbered for tracking the necessary routine inspections.



  • 73mm x 112mm
  • Triple action locking gate
  • Rated at 23kN
  • Individually serial numbered
Camp Atlas Lock Carabiner Black ((LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER))
code: MR-GP1373.04
Camp Atlas Lock Carabiner Black ((LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER))


  • Type Locking carabiner 
  • Carabiner Safety lock: yes
  • material: Aluminium alloy
  • Closure type: screw
  • with Keylock catch: yes
  • Dimensions Size / Opening: 23 mm
  • Size (L x W): 120 x 68 mm
  • Weight: 87 g
  • Maximum Load Long tension: 40 kilonewton
  • Cross pass: 10 kilonewton
  • Open: 13 kilonewton


  • Testing & approval, standards: EN 12275 B; EN 362 B; UIAA 121  


Camp HMS Betlock Alu connector twist lock 3T
code: MR-GP-1184.01
Camp HMS Betlock Alu connector twist lock 3T
  • HMS Betlock alu connector with triple automatic locking system 3T
  • CE EN 362, kN: 25, 10, 7
Camp Triple Action Auto-Locking HMS 3 Lock Karabiner
code: MR-GP1184.03
Camp Triple Action Auto-Locking HMS 3 Lock Karabiner
  • Automatic lock requires three actions (slide, twist, and pull) to open
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Large opening and keylock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy

Triple action auto-locking HMS Karabiner requires three actions to open the gate making it safer than standard 2Lock carabiners, which require two actions to open. This is the best choice when using an auto-locking carabiner to belay.

  • ID: 118403
  • Standard(s): EN 362 – EN 12275
  • Height (mm) : 116
  • Width (mm): 73
  • Gate Opening (mm): 23
  • Major Axis (kN): 25
  • Minor Axis (kN): 7
  • Open Gate (kN): 7
  • Lock Type: Twist Lock Evolution, Key Lock
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
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