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Wherever you work - in forest, park or garden - you should always dress for the task. Jonsered offers a comprehensive range of professional protective clothing and workwear, each garment optimised for its application, in materials of the best possible quality.
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Jonsered Belt and Braces
code: EL-5049816
Jonsered Belt and Braces
Leather Belt (505 69 00-01)£16.88
Braces - with Clips (504 98 16-56)£17.55
Braces - with Leather Eyes (504 98 16-60)£17.55


  • Clips or Leather eyes
  • Width 5cm

  • Leather with strong buckle
  • 4cm wide, 125cm long
Jonsered  Protective Trousers
code: EL-5049862
Jonsered Protective Trousers
Regular Trousers Size S (30/32") (504 98 65 46)£99.41
Regular Trousers Size M (36/38") (504 98 65 50)£99.41
Regular Trousers Size L (39/40") (504 98 65 54)£99.41
Regular Trousers Size XL (40/42") (504 98 65 58)£99.41
Bib & Braces Size S (30/32") (504 98 62 46)£136.18
Bib & Braces Size M (33/35") (504 98 62 50)£136.18
Bib & Braces Size L (36/38") (504 98 62 54)£136.18
Bib & Braces Size XL (40/42") (504 98 62 58)£136.18

Logging Trousers, 100% polyester.

Available as Regular Trousers or Bib and Brace

  • Approved saw protection in front
  • Plus 5 cm over the left leg outer seam and right leg inseam.
  • Conforms to EN 381-5 and EN 340

Jonsered Standard Forestry Jacket
code: LFN054
Jonsered Standard Forestry Jacket
Jacket Size S 46/48" (509 98 43 S)£71.45
Jacket Size M 50/52" (509 98 43 M)£71.45
Jacket Size L 54/56" (509 98 43 L)£71.45
Jacket Size XL 58/60" (509 98 43 XL)£71.45

A simpler version than the pro-Light style.

  • Zip, extended back and fixed elastic at the side
  • Front pocket with zip
  • <>Inside Pocket for mobile phone
  • 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton

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