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Husqvarna Light 28 Protective Boot

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Stud Kit (35 xtra grip studs)£15.50
Size 4 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 5 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 5.5/6 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 6.5 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 7/7.5 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 8 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 9 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 9.5/10 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 10 1/2 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 11 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 12 (5739559) £99.99£61.99
Size 13 (5739559) £99.99£61.99

A new lightweight class 3 boot with saw protection on the front

  • Deep tread sole which takes studs
  • Ankle protection
  • Reinforced heel-plate for protection against impact
  • Ridge on heel for easier removal
  • Excellent, roomy fit
  • UK Sizes 6-12 (39-47)
  • Orange/Red
  • Conforms with EN 345-2 Class 3

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Wherever you work - in the forest, park or garden - you should always dress for the task. Jonsered offers a comprehensive range of professional protective clothing and workwear. Everyone working with a chainsaw should wear protective footwear. Some of the protective boots and helmets we sell are zero rated for VAT. According to the VAT rules, we cannot supply zero-rate protective boots or helmets to an employer for the use by their employees - please contact us if you wish to do so. By purchasing zero rated goods you are confirming that you are not an employer.
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